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Jesus is the savior of all man, a member of the Trinity, the begotten Son of God, representative of man, the second Adam, the Word made flesh, God Incarnate and the firstborn of many brethren.


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The Need for a Savior

Man needed to be saved from a belief system that was killing them, called the knowledge of good and evil. this was the belief that God was withholding his life from us, therefore we need to work to produce lives for ourselves. Since eternal life only comes by accepting it as a free gift from God, the belief in life by our own works leads to death.

Taking on Sin Without Sin

Jesus took on sin, meaning that he experienced the same death we do.

His Resurrection

Savior of all People

In the Trinity

Names, Titles and Roles of Jesus

The Life of Jesus

Pre-Incarnate Existence

Incarnation and Birth

Learning about His Sonship



Beginning His Ministry





Second Coming