The Resurrection of Jesus

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The resurrection of Jesus is the most significant event in the history of man. It is the center of God's logic, being the ultimate proof that god a good,loving father. It also shows that eternal life is a free gift, therefore disproving the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Salvation through the Resurrection

God made man for the mere purpose of loving man. However, man got trapped into thinking that God was withholding His life. This judgement came from seeing death. Such a belief system produces death, because eternal life comes from God alone. God did not want to lose man to death. So God sent Jesus, and Jesus saw the truth that God is a father that gives His life. When Jesus heard that he was born from a virgin, He saw that His life came from God. As he read the scriptures, he saw that he would be resurrected and receive immortality.

Jesus took on our sin, meaning that He took on our death. He died on a cross and got raised from the grave just because he believed in His Father for eternal life. This resurrection proves that God gives eternal life as a free gift. This gift of salvation from death is received upon faith in the resurrection of Jesus. Those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus shall be resurrected andn receive immortal bodies. Even now, they enjoy union with God.


Although many believe that Jesus died on a Friday and was resurrected on a Sunday, evidence shows that Jesus died on a Wednesday and was resurrected on a Saturday. A rich disciple of Jesus named Joseph of Jesus and buried it in a tomb he owned. A large stone was placed in front of the tomb and soldiers guarded it. This was because of fear that the body would be stolen. Jesus was resurrected on Saturday evening. A giant earthquake roled the stone away so that people could witness the empty tomb.

On Sunday morning, Mary Magdalene comes with buriel spice but finds the tomb empty. She tells Peter and John. Meanwhile, the other women are in the tomb and two angels talk to them. The two angels parallel the mercy seat. The mercy seat on the Ark of the Covenant is two angels and the place from which God speaks. It shows that God speaks through the truth that Jesus was raised from the dead. It also parallels the cherubim that guard the guarden of Eden. IT's not obvios from the English translations, but cherubim is plural. The two cherubim in the Garden of Eden are blocking access to the tree of life. At the empty tomb, the angels are granting access to the tree of life.

Jesus finally appears to Mary Magdelene. AT first, she mistakes Him for the gardner. This shows that Jesus is the second Adam. The original Adam did not take care of the Garden. He subjected the world to death by trying to have life by his own works. Jesus believed in God for eternal life, which weeds out the devil's wisdom, and subjecting the world to God's life.

Jesus eventually appears to His disciples. He also appears to His brother, James, and at least 500 other people. Forty days after the resurrection, Jesus ascends to Heaven.

God Speaks through the Resurrection

The Mercy Seat

When Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden, Cherubim blocked the tree of life. The grammar of the English translation does not show this, but the word Cherubim is actually plural. The Ark of the Covenant had a covering called the mercy seat. Two gold angels sat on the mercy seat and God said that would be the platform from which he spoke. The ark was placed in the Holy of Holies in the temp;e. The temple is a type and shadow of the believer. The believer is the true temple in which God lives. The Holy of Holies is the spirit, or the thing that animates someone's soul (mind, will, and emotions).

This is important at the empty tomb of Jesus. Two angels appeared at the empty tomb to declare that Jesus has risen. This shows us that the mercy seat is a type and shadow of God speaking to us through the resurrection of Jesus.

Influence on our Hearts

The resurrection of Jesus greatly impacts the heart and life of the believer. It produces a new belief system that man is loved by God and God grants eternal life as a free gift. This influences the heart of the believer in the troubles of the world. All troubles in the world are the burden of death. Yet those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus can be assured that death was already defeated and these cares are only temporary. They will be gone when Jesus returns to wipe out all sin and death in the world.

This truth produces the fruit of the Spirit; love, peace, joy, meekness, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control, and faith. It also puts the flesh to rest as we find that we don't have to use our flesh to preserve our lives.

Believers fellowship around the resurrection, as the word of God centers around it. Together, we agree with the truth of the resurrection and the agreement firms the truth in our hearts.

Evangelism is declaring that Jesus was raised from the dead. This is so that others can believe in God's gift of eternal life and be saved from death.