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The Resurrection Wiki

The Resurrection Wiki is a resource that has the word of God sorted out in an encyclopedia form. Anyone can contribute. The content is ever growing. The word of God teaches:

  • God made man for the purpose of loving man.
  • Man got trapped in a false belief that God was withholding His life from them.
  • Eternal life comes from God, so such a belief causes death.
  • God loved man so much, He did not want to lose man to death.
  • God disproved this false belief system by raising Jesus from the dead.
  • Those who believe in the resurrection of Jesus shall be resurrected from the dead, receive an immortal body, and live forever in union with God on a restored earth.
  • This future resurrection protects the believers from the troubles of the world. It shows them that they are temporary and can enjoy the victory over death now.
  • Believers currently enjoy union with God.
  • Believers enjoy God's logic, and it produces the fruit of the spirit and puts the flesh at rest from trying to produce life.

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The Resurrection Wiki is run by New Adam Ministries. Running this site does use James Tuttle's time and money. Feel free to donate here to support the wiki.

Outside sources mentioned in the articles are not necessarily endorsed by James Tuttle, The Resurrection Wiki, or New Adam Ministries or James M. Tuttle. The only teachers we recognize as fully preaching the resurrection are Greg Henry of Gospel Revolution Church and Bertie Brits of Dynamic Love Ministries. Please only check out a source if the Holy Spirit puts it on your heart.